Here you will find all the solutions concerning the management of your company. From E.R.P. to WMS, RAM ε.π.ε. provides, not only the software, but also support for a smooth installation and operation.

Atlantis E.R.P.

A powerful E.R.P. software that optimizes your company's operations.

Κεφάλαιο E.R.P.

Κεφάλαιο E.R.P. provides to this day high quality, speed-of-operations and experienced, practical use.

Softone Solutions

A modular solution consisting of E.R.P. and C.R.M. software, as well as innovative cloud services.

Capital B.O.S.

A system that allows you to transform your whole business. From documentation to inventory-checking, Capital B.O.S. is a solution for every up-to-date company.

Prosvasis Solutions

Specialises in providing IT solutions, as well as educational programs for accounting and tax-specialising companies.

Mantis Group Solutions

Top IT solutions and WMS/logistics software provider with European origin.